Reilly, Elizabeth

It is tough to believe that the school year is halfway through.  Here is a brief look into what 5R is working on:

Math: We are into Unit 5, which deals with Fractions.

: We are wrapping up our Space Unit in science.  We had an excellent trip to Buehler, and students will begin working on their culminating Buehler logs.  We are also getting ready to being our new social studies unit: Westward Expansion.

Writing: We are currently working on our nonfiction research essays.  Students picked a nonfiction topic to research, and are working hard on drafting essays.

Reading: Our third reading unit involves learning how to read nonfiction.  I will also be reassessing students for their TC reading levels.

Word Study: In word study, we are beginning to work with nouns, pronouns, and adjectives.  Students are also working with various spelling lists to improve their spelling!

We are going to have a great year in 5R.  Please check back periodically for important updates on our class!