Class News

It has been so great to see the second graders learn and grow on a daily basis. I am so proud of all of their accomplishments! Below, please find a glimpse of what we are learning in second grade.


Math: In Unit 3, your child will explore additional strategies for solving basic facts, focusing on strategies for solving subtraction facts.  Children solve subtraction number stories and practice facts using games and routines. In Everyday Mathematics, children learn several strategies for solving subtraction facts.  By becoming familiar with a variety of strategies, children have the opportunity to choose a strategy that works best to solve a particular fact.  The goal is not for every child to master every strategy; the goal is for children to find strategies they best understand and can most successfully apply. By encouraging discovery and practice, working with multiple strategies helps children develop fluency with subtraction facts, which will be important for computation with multi digit numbers later in the year. 


Reader's Workshop: Unit 3 focuses on really understanding our books and their CHARACTERS!  We will take charge of recognizing what characters want, as well as how our characters address their own problems throughout longer texts.  Students will be taught how to track how characters grow and change across the pages of a book.  We will be able to ask and answer questions involving the “who, what, where, when, why and how” in a text.  The children will also become familiar with a specific character in one of our upcoming read alouds; Lulu!  


Writer's Workshop:  We are kicking off Unit 3 of Writer’s Workshop, which involves realistic fiction.  The class will be learning how to craft and write fictional narratives that are both believable and tell a great story.  We will be developing characters, use dialogue to elaborate on characters’ thoughts and feelings, and we will continue to work on increasing our writing stamina.  We will focus on writing in third person, and we will also build upon some of our skills learned in previous units, such as show not tell.  Our students are really growing into amazing authors!

Science: The students are learning all about matter!  The students have been introduced to three different types of matter: solids, liquids, and gases.  They are doing a great job sorting and differentiating between the types of matter and are so eager to learn even more.  Keep up the great work, little scientists!