Class News

March News

  • MATH: We are in the middle of Unit 6, a unit which is mostly an introduction to division. The Everyday Math Program introduces division using a method called “Partial Quotient”. It is a way to divide in which the dividend is divided in a series of steps. The quotients for each step are added together along the side of the problem, as opposed to placing the quotient on top, the way we were taught to do!! It’s a little confusing in the beginning since some students have also been introduced to the “traditional method” as well. As we continue to practice, they will get the hang of it and then choose the method they prefer. However, I do have to expose them to both methods. There is also a little bit of measuring angles work, but I am hoping to have a unit test by the end of the marking period, 3/15, if I feel they are ready. We have also begun daily reviews for the PARCC test.

  • SPELLING: New units each week (unless there are only 3 days of school that week). Packets are completed in class, homework should be varied and your child should try a different homework each night. CHECK FOR NEATNESS AND CORRECT SPELLING!

  • READING: We are in the middle of Non-fiction reading/writing and discussing the text structures and features that are used to present information. We have chosen our topics and are almost finished with our first draft of the writing piece. The students seem excited about their work and we will share when we complete them by the end of this week. I began the next read aloud titled The One and Only Ivan.   
  • ***I have also introduced the weekly READING LOGS. Along with logging the time and pages of the books your child is reading, they also have to write a response to the prompt I have given. The prompt could be to write a summary, or, what is the theme, or to compare and contrast the book or characters. The assignment will be due weekly and is worth 30 points.

  • WRITING: See READING entry

  • WORD WORK/GRAMMAR: Latin root words are being written on index cards and added to a ring. Challenge your child to find them in their daily life.

  • SCIENCE: Science involves LIGHT AND SOUND. Hope to have a quiz next week on simple concepts regarding light and color. We will participate in various activities to help the students understand these concepts. A field trip to the Liberty Science Center is planned for MARCH 23.

  • The Goodwill Ambassadors are finally involved in an initiative to collect SOAP after being inspired by an article in their Time For Kids magazine.

  • 1. Thursday, March 9, 2:05 DISMISSAL!!!!


    3. Friday March 17: GREEN BAGEL BREAKFAST thank you to the PTO!

    4. Wednesday 3/22 Wild and Wonderful Assembly @1:30 pm

    5. Thursday, March 23, 4th grade trip to LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER all day! Don’t forget to pack a lunch!

    6. Weeks of 3/27 and 4/2, Parent/Teacher conferences,

       12:45 dismissal on Tuesday, March 28!!!

    7. FYI-PARCC testing is right after April break, the week of April 17-21