Class News

February News

  • MATH: We are in the middle of Unit 5, a unit which is mostly an introduction to adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  We can expect a test around the week of tbd. I will make sure your child is aware of the exact date as we get closer to the end of the unit. We took the Mid-Year Math Test last week and Jen Amos, the math supervisor, was impressed with our scores!! That was a nice compliment. We continue to have math fact quizzes on Fridays, I do see an improvement. I also sent home a copy of the IXL skills that can be practiced with each lesson we do. Your child should know how to pick the correct one. ◦

  • SPELLING: New units each week (unless there are only 3 days of school that week). Packets are completed in class, homework should be varied and your child should try a different homework each night. CHECK FOR NEATNESS AND CORRECT SPELLING! ◦

  • READING: We have started a new unit about Non Fiction writing and the text structures and features that are used to present information. This week we will choose a nonfiction topic to read, research and write about. We are almost finished with one of my favorite read alouds Maniac McGee. Your child is also reading for stamina and should be keeping up with their reading log every day, reading at least 20 minutes. If they are reading an average of 7 pages every 10 minutes, then they are reading a book at their appropriate independent reading level.◦    
  • ***I have also introduced the weekly READING LOGS. Along with logging the time and pages of the books your child is reading, they also have to write a response to the prompt I have given. The prompt could be to write a summary, or, what is the theme, or to compare and contrast the book or characters. The assignment will be due weekly and is worth 30 points.

  • WRITING: We are almost finished typing our “Literary  Essay”.  I decided to have the students choose a theme from the book Wonder and I am quite pleased with their writing. It’s nice to see how a book can impact you when you get to know the characters so well. I also had the students write a 5 paragraph essay entitled "Three Wishes" to practice developing paragraphs. The “Paragraph of the Week” helps the students understand what a topic sentence is and how to build a paragraph that stays on topic and includes supporting details. ◦

  • WORD WORK/GRAMMAR: Latin root words are being written on index cards and added to a ring. Challenge your child to find them in their daily life. We wrote a short 10 line story using only PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES and are currently working on ADJECTIVES and commonly misused words in Grammar.

  • SCIENCE: Science will involve LIGHT AND SOUND. We will participate in various activities to help the students understand these concepts. A field trip to the Liberty Science Center is planned for MARCH. Information to follow.   The class did well on the SOUND TEST given last week.  :)

  • The Goodwill Ambassadors will be involved in an initiative to collect SOAP after being inspired by an article in their Time For Kids last week.

  • Westmoreland is also collecting cans of SOUP for the SOUP-ER BOWL. All donations will be going to the local Food Pantry.

  • Contact me so we can set up a day and time if you would like to be a Mystery Reader. Also, if you have a talent or interesting thing regarding your job you would like to share, please let me know. I love to share experiences with my students.

  • 1. 2/1-2/10 PTO Carnation Sale
  • 2. 4th grade Leni Lenape Presentation, Wednesday, Feb. 8

    3. Author Phil Bildner Visit  Friday, Feb. 10 from 1:45-2:45

    4. PTO Valentine’s Day Dance   Feb. 10

    5. Jump Rope For Heart   grades 3-5     Feb. 14

    6. PTO Bookfair Feb. 15-16

    7. FEBRUARY BREAK Feb. 20-24!!!! :)

    8. Spirit and Character Week      Feb. 27-March 3