Class News

There is a quite lot of information to share this week. Please read through these items carefully.


Our trip to Liberty Science Center is THURSDAY, MARCH 23rd.  
-Please make sure your child wears comfortable walking shoes.  They are encouraged to dress for the weather, however they will be responsible for any gloves, hats, coats, etc that they bring.  So they should think this through wisely.
-Please send your child in with a SACK LUNCH that contains only disposable items and NO GLASS BOTTLES.  
-If there are any items that might gather condensation, you might consider placing the entire bag in a plastic (grocery) bag so that the paper bag does not rip.
-Label the bag with your child's name AND 4C.
-If you are a chaperone, please bring a lunch for yourself as well, labeled in the same manner.
-There is a gift shop and it is at the discretion of each small group (chaperone-led) to decide if you will visit at the end of our time there.  When the 4th grade teachers visited to explore the location, it seemed like an expensive store!

THANK YOU TO MY CHAPERONES for joining us.  I encourage you to carpool as much as possible to cut down on parking costs and to make the travel more enjoyable!
Mrs. Wijaya (Aurellia's Mom)
Mr. Takamastsu (Leah's Dad)
Ms. Vicol (Gabriella's Mom)
Ms. Yakimovich (Maksim's Mom)
Mr. Vasquez (Alex's Dad)

CHAPERONES-Please come to my room at 8:35 on Thursday morning to listen to general directions for our trip and to find out which children are in the group that you will be supervising.  Check in through the main office and let them know that I requested that you join our class.  Then when the bus arrives, you can follow our class out to the bus, and get into your cars.  You are welcome to follow the buses, however please make sure to map out a route in case you are separated.

For your GPS, the address is:     222 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07305


2. We will be completing Unit 6 in Math next week and our NEXT MATH ASSESSMENT will be on Friday, March 24th.

Additionally, I am finding that many students are still struggling to solve basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) with speed and accuracy.  These are FOUNDATIONAL skills that are required to solve the more complex aspects of 4th grade math.  PLEASE encourage your child to practice EVERY NIGHT.

3. I have attached a FINAL copy of the Parent Teacher Conference Schedule for your convenience. Please double check your time and date.  Let me know of any changes as soon as possible.
The Main Office does not open until 8am. If your conference begins BEFORE 8am, please come directly to the outer side door of my classroom and I will let you in that way.  All others should check in via the front office.

4. TUESDAY, MARCH 28th is a 12:45 dismissal.  Please make the appropriate arrangements for your child to be picked up at that time.

5. We have started to Pilot a NEW SCIENCE program in 4th grade, in order to prepare for the Next Generation Science Standards that are to be adopted in New Jersey.   One main difference that your children will experience is the emphasis on inquiry and exploration, without necessarily leading to a "right answer" in the immediate.  The goal is to develop critical thinking and communication skills that scientists and engineers use each day.

You can learn more about the changes here:

As always, Homework is listed every day and can be viewed at:

Thank you for your partnership!

Grace Clune
Grade 4 Teacher
Westmoreland School