Week at a Peek

Week at a Peek
Week of 05/15/17-05/19/17


Our Activities:

We hope that you all had a fabulous week!   The weather was certainly beautiful, sunny, and warm!!  Summer is coming our way!!!

 It was quite a busy week for us in 3B.  We had an author come visit our school….the book fair….field day…and an assembly all in one week!  Everything was so much fun!  Thank you to our PTO parents for organizing and running our book fair.  We appreciate your time!

 This week, during writing workshop, we enjoyed sampling some delicious chocolate chip cookies!  Students taste-tested two brands of cookies and then had to write a review about the cookie they preferred the most.  Believe it or not…the Shop Rite brand cookie won over chocolate chunk Chips Ahoy!!  Our writing is hanging up outside on one of the bulletin boards…come have a look!

 Also, during our writing workshop, we read the story, “I Wanna Iguana.”  This is a story about a little boy who writes a letter to his parents trying to persuade them to buy him a pet iguana.  As a follow up activity, the children wrote letters to you trying to persuade YOU to get them something they have always wanted.  Be on the lookout for the letter.  It came home on Friday!!!

 During our reading workshop, students continue to work in books clubs reading mysteries.  Each child has their own “detective case file,” and they are all working hard to solve the mystery in their books.  When all book clubs have finished their readings, they will write up a case report, create a newscast and present their mystery to the class (with scenery and all!).  During our mystery unit we are learning how to make inferences about what we read and to analyze and determine character motivations.

 In Science, we are doing a mini-unit on plants.  Students will learn about the parts of the plant and plant part functions.  We will be planting popcorn kernels and students will get to observe how the kernel grows into a plant.  We will be keeping a record of our observations in our plant journals.  You will be amazed how quickly a popcorn kernel can grow.  Last year I had a student who planted her “popcorn plant” in her backyard….and grew to over 6 feet tall…corn and all!!!

 Congratulations to……

Ria!  Ria was the Star of the Week.  We enjoyed reading her personal newspaper and viewing her photographs.  Our Star for next week will be Shea!!!

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 -Our Word of the Week for next week will be, “persnickety”

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  The Students from 3B