Week at a Peek

Week at a Peek
Week of 03/20/17-03/24/17


Our Activities:

Happy Friday to everyone and CONGRATULATIONS to our wonderful third graders who completed the PARCC testing this week!


I am so very proud of each and every student in our class.  We tested four mornings and four afternoons this week.  Everyone worked hard and persevered.  The testing was no easy task and everyone went in with a strong, positive attitude.  Congratulations to all my third graders!


It has been a very busy few weeks.  I apologize for not sending out a newsletter over the past 2 Fridays.  We have been so busy getting ready for testing that I did not have a moment to dedicate to a weekly newsletter.


This week we celebrated Earth Day.  We read the story, “The Wump World,” which is a story about how our environment can become destroyed if we are not careful.  Afterwards, we talked about how we would “heal the world.”  Students wrote down their thoughts, colored in a globe and put a band-aide on it to “heal” the world.


In science, we are working on a new unit related to motion and force.  Students had a wonderful time trying to navigate a remote control car from one point to another point.  They then had to measure the distance the car traveled.  We held a discussion about the importance of using a specific starting and ending point to measure the distance.  The point of this lesson was for students to understand the significance of using consistent measurements.  We will continue with this science unit throughout the month of May.


In math, we will be wrapping up our unit on fractions next week.  The students have learned a great deal about fractions, and they were involved in several hands-on activities to reinforce the concept.  We will have a unit test next Friday, May 5th.  I will be having a review session, in class, on Thursday, May 4th in preparation for the test.


On Monday we will be starting a new reading unit on Mysteries.  Students will be learning about the elements that make up a mystery, and they will be working in book clubs to read  their novels together.  Each student will have their own “detective case file,” where they can keep notes to help “solve” the “crime.”   I will start administered the end of the year reading assessments to the students over the next few weeks, as well.


We will also be starting a new writing unit on persuasive/opinion writing.  Students will be learning how to write their opinion about a topic.  I have some fabulous activities planned for this unit and students will be writing reviews and opinions about restaurants, movies, etc…   We will also be writing essays about topics such as….should teachers give homework, opinions about school uniforms, etc…   The students will be writing you a special persuasive letter soon…so be on the lookout for it!!!


Congratulations to……

Emily Garcia.  Emily was the Star of the Week.  We enjoyed reading her personal newspaper and viewing her photographs.  Our Star for next week will be Emily Pitshone!!!


Upcoming Events

 -Our Word of the Week for next week will be, “cautious.”

-Please do not forget that we will be having our trip to Mt.  Fuji Restaurant this Monday, May 1st.  What a great way to end the PARCC testing.  Your student will receive a full lunch along with a drink.  No need to send in lunch on Monday!!!!  A note was sent home with your child on Friday about the trip and the times for departure. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!



            The Students from 3B