Week at a Peek

Week at a Peek
Week of 01/09/16-01/13/16


Our Activities:

Happy Friday to one and all!  We hope that you had a fabulous week.  We certainly did.  Boy…did this week just fly by!!!


During our reading workshop we are currently learning how to read and handle nonfiction text books.  Students are learning about the important text features in nonfiction, and how to use those features to help them better understand what is being read.  We are also learning about different types of text structures.  The children are busy reading their nonfiction books while I conference with them, one-on-one.


We will be wrapping up a writing unit on literary essays next week.  Students are learning to “grow big ideas” about what they read and then write about those ideas using a thesis statement and supporting evidence.  I have been doing a great deal of modeling, in class, with this type of writing and sharing my own writing pieces.  Next week we will be writing our final literary essay pieces.


Speaking of writing….we had a minor (but interesting) incident occur in our classroom this week.  Suddenly, during Spanish class, water came pouring out of the radiator.  We quickly got Mr. Leo and then the whole class continued our lesson in the library.  All ended up being just fine….but…this experience prompted us to whip out our writer’s notebooks and write a small moment story about what had occurred.  The children wrote with such detail and description!!  I was so proud to listen to them read their work.  There is never a dull moment in 3B!!!


In math, we are presently learning all about area and perimeter.  These two concepts can be particularly confusing for third graders.  We are using a lot of visuals and manipulatives to help reinforce the concepts.  Every Friday is “Math Game Friday” where we play games to help solidify the concepts being taught in class.  Students should also continue to learn their multiplication facts.  We are currently learning the 9 times tables together.  There will always be a timed quiz on Mondays.


In science we are wrapping up a unit on landforms.  This week we built a model of a volcano, in class, to demonstrate how landforms can change quickly.  There will be a science test on Tuesday, January 17th.  A study guide was sent home.  Please make sure that your child reads over the information on the guide each night.  Our next science unit will be a quick unit on natural resources, and then we will be heading towards a social studies unit on Japan.


We hope that you are all enjoying reading our “One-Book-One-School” novel!  The children are all chattering about what happened in the book each day.  Each morning Mrs.  Dell’aglio poses a contest question related the evening’s reading.  I told the children that while they read, they should try to figure out what question Mrs. D will be asking.  It’s a good idea to discuss the chapter with your child, after you read, to make sure they understand the novel.


Congratulations to……

Jianna.  Jianna was the Star of the Week.  We enjoyed reading her personal newspaper and viewing her photographs.  Our Star for next week will be MARYANN!!!


Happy Birthday to Emily Pitshone!!  Thank you for bringing in a delicious treat to share with the class!!!

.Upcoming Events

 -Our Word of the Week for next week will be, “utilize”

-Don’t forget to keep reading our “One Book-One School” novel, “Ralph and the Motorcycle.”

-No School Monday, January 16th Martin Luther King’s Day.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!



            The Students from 3B