Week at a Peek

Week at a Peek
Week of 02/13/17-02/17/17


Our Activities:

Happy VACATION to everyone!  It is hard to believe that our February break is here….seems like our December vacation was just last week!!  We hope that you all have a wonderful few days off to relax and rejuvenate.

 We had a truly busy week!  On Monday we celebrated the 100th day of school!  Mrs.  Kortes and I were very generous because we gave each child a “100 dollar bill” to spend in any way that they choose (play money of course).  The children wrote about how they would use their money and they had to give reasons to support their decisions.  I sent home their writing pieces for you to see.  It was so nice to see that some of the children wanted to share their money with the homeless.  Warmed my heart!!!

 And of course we celebrated my favorite holiday…. VALENTINE’S DAY!  We started the day off by reading a lovely book about a lonely man who received a mysterious Valentine heart in the mail.  This Valentine changed his life.  It was a wonderful story, and then we completed a writing piece to go along with story.  The writing piece was sent home this week. 

 I hope you enjoy seeing how much your child’s writing is improving.  We write almost every day and are learning to use paragraph formation with lots of details and supporting statements.  I am really proud of their progress.

 In social studies we began a unit on Japan.  The children learned about the location of Japan on the map and important information regarding the cultural traditions of the country.  We will also be learning to speak a few words in Japanese and we will be creating a Japanese counting book, as well.

 In math we are working on fractions and properties of multiplication.  Fractions can be difficult for children to understand.  We are using a variety of manipulatives, in class, to help reinforce the concepts being taught.

 This week we read the story, “The Principal’s New Clothes,” and the “The Emperor Penguin’s New Clothes.”  Afterwards, we created a Venn diagram that compared and contrasted the two picture books.  Students enjoyed designing and creating new clothes for OUR PRINCIPAL.  They were very creative for sure.  Our designs will be hanging up in the hallway shortly.

 Congratulations to……

RICKY.  Ricky was the Star of the Week.  We enjoyed reading his personal newspaper and viewing his photographs.  Our Star for next week will be Jordana!!!

.Upcoming Events

 -Our Word of the Week for next week will be, “gregarious”

-School Spirit week is the week we come back from vacation!  Don’t forget!!

 Have a wonderful vacation!!!


            The Students from 3B