Westmoreland Elementary School

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My name is Jaime Caruso and I am pleased to be the School Nurse at Westmoreland School. 

I hope to work together with both parents and students to create a healthy school environment.

If you are entering Westmoreland School, there are certain state requirements for entrance. They are as follows:
 I.  Health Information Sheet- Please complete this information sheet about your child and return to the health office on their first day (remember to complete both pages)
II. Health Examination Form-Within thirty (30) days of entry every new student must have a current physical examination on file with the health office.  The exam must have been completed within 1 year of the date of the first day your child attends a Fair Lawn school.  Included below is the health assessment form to be filled out by your physician.  

III. Immunization Form-If your child is transferring from another New Jersey school, complete immunization records must be provided before entry or your child will not be able to start school.  If you are transferring from out of state or out of country, you have thirty (30) days to present these records to the nurse. 

IV.  New Student West Moreland Health Information Form-School health protocols for when your child is sick or needs to be out of Physical Education.

V. Mantoux (PPD) Testing-Students transferring from or born in certain countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis as deemed by the state will be required to have a Mantoux (PPD) skin test for tuberculosis. The nurse will inform you if this test is needed for your child

VI. 6th Grade Entrant Immunization Requirements.pdf

Your child may be excluded if the Health Examination & Immunization

requirements are not met 

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s health,

please feel free to call me at  201-794-5490 x5716 (Westmoreland-p.m.) or email me at