Week at a Peek

Week at a Peek
Week of 05/22/17-05/26/17


Our Activities:

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone! It is so hard to believe that we are finishing up the month of May.  I do not know where the month has gone!!!   The last month of school is quickly approaching.

 Our little scientists have been busy planting and observing seed growth.  This week, in science we completed a mini unit on plants.  We learned about plant parts and their functions.  We planted popcorn kernels in individual cups and have been recording our observations down in a plant journal.  In just a matter of days roots and stems have appeared.

 Also, in science, we performed the “Carnation Experiment.”  We wanted to prove that the stem delivers water to the other parts of the plant.  If this is true….then what would happen if we placed white carnations in red colored water??   We started the experiment on Friday…and we will find out the results when we return to school on Tuesday!!!  What is your prediction?  Will the carnations stay white or turn red???

 Next week, when we return to school we will be starting a new social studies unit on countries.  So far, this year, we have learned about the country of Japan.  Now we will be learning about the country of Mexico.  This goes along nicely with our foreign language Spanish program.  Students will be learning all about the Mexican culture and practice some of their Spanish skills.

 In math, we have completed unit 8 in our math program.  The unit test was given on Friday.  I will be grading the assessments over the weekend and will return them on Monday.  Then we are onto our LAST math unit!!  This unit will be a review of area, perimeter, fractions and multiplication/division!!  Math journals will be sent home at the end of the school year.

 During our writing workshop we have been learning to create persuasive writing pieces.  This week, we wrote an essay about whether or not students should be required to wear school uniforms.  We definitely had some strong opinions on this!!!  Next, we will be reading a book about whether or not animals should be kept in cages.  Students will be typing up their writing pieces, and we will be presenting our thoughts to the 2nd graders.

 Next week, a note will be coming home about the students having the opportunity to perform an experiment of their choice.  Detailed instructions will be given.  The children will practice their scientific knowledge and public speaking skills by performing their experiment in front of the class.

Congratulations to……

SHEA!  SHEA was the Star of the Week.  We enjoyed reading his personal newspaper and viewing his photographs.  Everyone has had the chance to be the “star” for the school year.  It was a wonderful way to get to know one another.  Thank you for helping your child to complete this project.

 Upcoming Events

 -Our Word of the Week for next week will be, “flabbergasted”

-Walk-a-thon  May 30th

-No School Monday, May 29th Memorial Day

Have a wonderful weekend!!

           The Students from 3B