Week at a Peek

Grade 3 Mrs. Birnberg
Week at a Peek
Week of 02/26/18-03/02/18

Our Activities:


We hope that everyone had a wonderful vacation!!!  What a lovely week to spend time with family.  It was a pleasure to return to school and see everyone’s smiling faces.  The children were rested and ready to learn!!!


This week we began our new reading unit on biographies.  Students are learning that a biography is written about someone who has done something noteworthy.  The children went “shopping” for biographies in our classroom library to be used during our  independent reading time.   I am also in the process of administering reading assessments.  I am so proud of the progress the children are making with their reading.  Please be on the look-out for a biography book report.  I will be handing out the directions for the report on Monday.  The reading and project should be done at home. 


We will also begin a new writing unit.  Students will be learning to write a research essay.  We will be reading articles, viewing videos, and learning how to take notes in preparation for writing a research essay.  This week we completed our unit on “Compare and Contrast Essays.”  Several essays were sent home, but I am holding onto a few to show you during report card conference time.  I am so impressed at how well our children write!!!  We have come a long way since September!!


In math, we are learning traditional methods for adding and subtracting as well as practicing our multiplication and division.  I am also supplementing our math lessons with some fraction work (this will be covered more in-depth during our next math unit).


Our little meteorologists are busy learning all about the weather.  This week we identified different cloud formations.  Students created models of the clouds using cotton balls.  The projects are hanging up in our classroom.  Next week we will learn all about climate.  Many hands-on experiments have been planned for this weather study!!


You may have noticed that your child DID NOT have spelling homework this week.  We are going to put a “hold” on our traditional spelling tests for the next few weeks.  Instead, students will be coming home with extra reading-type practice work to complete.  This DOES NOT mean that we are not practicing spelling work in class.  We continue to reinforce spelling rules in our daily writing.  We only have a few units left in our spelling program, and we will complete them in May and June, after the PARCC state testing.  If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to ask.


This month, we completed a school-wide “Amazon” Reading Incentive program.  Students wrote reviews about books that they read throughout the month of February.  The reviews are being displayed on a bulletin board in our hallway.  After twenty written book reviews, the “Amazon Delivery Truck” delivered a special book package to our class!!!   The reading incentive concluded on Friday with a celebration of “Dr. Seuss” and Read Across America.  We enjoyed reading our favorite Dr.  Seuss stories and having guest readers come into our classroom. 


Congratulations to……

Aaron.  Aaron was the Star of the Week.  We enjoyed reading his personal newspaper and viewing his  photographs.  Our Star for next week will be DARIA!!


Upcoming Events

-report card conferences week of March 19th.

 -word of the week for next week will be “participate.”

Have a wonderful weekend!!!




            The Students from 3B