Week at a Peek

Grade 3 Mrs. Birnberg
Week at a Peek
Week of 1/02/18-1/05/18

Our Activities


Happy New Year to everyone!  Welcome to 2018!!  We hope that everyone had a fabulous vacation break filled with fun activities, spending time with family, and just relaxing!!  The children came back to school with smiling faces and very refreshed.


This week, during our reading workshop, we began a new unit on nonfiction .  Students have learned that there are 3 different categories of nonfiction (ask them to tell you about them), and that nonfiction material can be classified according to the way the information is presented.  We will also be learning about the difference between a fact and an opinion,  and picking out main ideas and supporting details.  The children went “shopping” for nonfiction books in our classroom library.  They should also  be reading nonfiction at home, as well.  If you have your child visit the RAZ kids website (username and password is taped to the inside of their agendas) there are a variety of nonfiction books on your child’s reading level that they can use at home.


In writing workshop we continue our work on writing literary essays.  I marked some literary essays over the break that your child has brought home.  I wanted you to see samples of the wonderful work that they are doing.  I am so proud of them and the growth that they are making in writing.


Last week, in writing/reading workshop, we read the story, “Imogene’s Antlers.”  This is a story about a little girl and her unique character traits.  Afterwards, we created our own unique antlers and wrote about our own personal unique traits.  The projects are hanging up in our classroom.  Please feel free to stop by before or after school to have a look!


This week our “word of the week” is “resolution.”  We talked about the meaning of the word and tied it into making New Year’s Resolutions.  I read the students a book about different New Year’s traditions around the world.  Afterwards, the children wrote down their own resolutions.  The writing pieces will be printed into a book so that each child gets to bring one home.  Please be on the lookout for it!


We are currently in the middle of unit 4 in our math program.  Students are learning about a variety of strategies to help them learn the multiplication facts.  We are also learning about area and perimeter.  Next week the children will make area and perimeter MONSTERS!!!


Get your passports ready….we are headed to Japan.  We are beginning a new social studies on countries.  Students will be exposed to the culture and traditions of Japan.  Many fun educational and hands-on activities have been planned for this unit.  If anyone knows how to create origami figures and would like to come into class to help the students create some origami art projects please let me know!!!  We would love an “expert” to come to class and work with us!!


Our “One-School-One Book” school wide reading project is in full swing.  We are reading the “Lemonade Wars.”    I hope that you are all enjoying this wonderful book.  A letter and calendar was sent home last week regarding the project.  This is something that you and your family should be reading together and enjoying.


Upcoming Events:

-Monday January 15th early 12:45 dismissal


Congratulations to….

-Ben!  Ben was the star of the week.  We enjoyed reading his personal newspaper and viewing his photograph.  Thank you Ben.  Our next “star” will be Debanhi!


Have a fabulous weekend and STAY WARM!!!



    The Students in 3B



    The Students in 3B