Week at a Peek

Grade 3 Mrs. Birnberg
Week at a Peek
Week of 9/11/17-9/15/17

Our Activities:

Happy first full week of school!  It has been an absolutely wonderful start to the new school year!!  What a thrill it was to meet  my new little third grade friends last week.  They are a fabulous bunch of students who are quickly making a nice adjustment to life in the third grade.  We are in the process of becoming used to the routines in our classroom.  So far it has been a smooth transition.   I am so very proud of each and every one of them!!

 Every Friday I TRY to send out a newsletter that will inform you about the class happenings that occur over the week.  I will send home a hard copy of the letter…as well as post the news on our class website.  Please be on the lookout for the weekly newsletter.  If it is a short week (like next week), I do not ordinarily send out a newsletter.

 Many wonderful activities took place over the past week and a half.  We started our reading workshop.  Students learned how to pick out “just right” books on their reading level.  We went “shopping” for books in our class library.  We are learning to set reading goals for ourselves.  During our mini lessons we have created anchor charts that depict strategies for decoding, working in reading partnerships, and retelling a story.

 Also, during Reading and Writing Workshop, we read the story, “It Looked like Spilt Milk.”  After our reading, we created our own “spilt milk” pictures and wrote down our thoughts about what our creations looked like.  Our projects are hanging up in our classroom.  Please feel free to come and have a look!  You will see our fabulous work on back-to-school-night, as well.

 I am in the process of administering individual reading assessments.  I am meeting with students one-on-one to assess their reading levels.  Once your child knows his/her reading level, they should try to select appropriate books during their independent reading, in school and at home.

 During our Writing Workshop we are learning to build a writing life.  Students are learning that authors get their ideas for writing by using experiences from their own lives.  We have been introduced to our “Writer’s Notebook” and most children decorated them to reflect things that they like.  We will be doing a great deal of writing in our notebooks throughout the school year.

 In math, we have begun unit 1 in our district curriculum.  This is a review unit of basic concepts.  We have been playing many hands-on games to reinforce the skills that we are learning.  Every Friday is “math game day” in our classroom.

 In social studies we began a unit on maps and globes.  To kick off the unit, we read the story, “The Orange Splot,” which helped reinforce the location of our special place on Earth….our homes and street address!!  We created a project to go along with this book.  It is being displayed in our classroom, as well.

 During our first week of school, we created our own “wanted posters.”  They are hanging up in our classroom.

We also set reading goals for ourselves, created “heart maps” in our Writer’s notebooks, went on a class scavenger hunt and more!!!  It has been a FANTASTIC start to the school year. 


Congratulations to……

-Matthew!!!!  Matthew celebrated a birthday this week.  Thank you for the delicious treat!   Please remember we have peanut allergies in our classroom.  If you bring in a snack to share with the class please try to make it a peanut free one

-Ethan was a first Star-0f-the-Week.  We enjoyed reading his personal newspaper!  Our star for next week will be Angelica!

Upcoming Events

-No School next Thursday and Friday, September 21st and 22nd.

-Back to school night will be on Wednesday, September 27

-word of the week for next week will be “outlandish.”


Have a wonderful weekend!!!



            The Students from 3B