Week at a Peek

Grade 3 Mrs. Birnberg
Week at a Peek
Week of 11/13/17-11/17/17

Our Activities:

Happy Thanksgiving !!!  We hope that everyone enjoys the long weekend and has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We have so much to be grateful for!!!!  I know that I am grateful to work in a profession that I love and to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of your children!!!


We have had a busy week in 3B.  During our Reader’s Workshop, we started a new unit.  We are learning to read series books, and the students are working in book clubs.  Students have been divided into 4 different groups.  Each group is reading a novel from a series.  Students are using their “Book Bites” packets to help guide their discussions.  I am facilitating around the room and guiding the groups.  I am hearing such wonderful conversation that incorporates vocabulary and terminology we have been using in class.


In addition, I have started mid-year reading assessments again.  Your child’s reading level was assessed in September, and I am now meeting with each student, individually to monitor the growth and progress they have made over the last 3 months.


During our Writing Workshop, we also began a new unit on literary essays.  Students are learning to dig deep and grow ideas about what they are reading.  We are using these ideas to write literary essays.  Students are creating thesis statements about their reading and then using evidence from the text to support their ideas.  They are definitely thinking and writing like little professors!


In math, we are learning about different methods for adding and subtracting.  Some of these methods can seem difficult, at first, but the more we practice the easier it will become.  If you or your child want to review the concepts that have been taught in class….please remember to log onto the Connect-ed website to review the class lessons.  Your child’s password is taped to the inside of his/her agenda.


In science we have been involved in a variety of hands-on experiments to demonstrate the concepts of force and motion.  This week we had fun relay racing as we tried to blow ping pong balls along a specified path.  Children learned that a force is needed to put an object in motion and that the stronger the force…the faster the object will move.  We also participated in another experiment that showed us more force is needed to set heavier objects in motion.  Ask your child to tell you all about the fabulous experiments we have been performing in class.


This week we also had American Visitation Day at Westmoreland!  Thank you to those parents who were able to stop by and visit.  I know that we are all working, so it is difficult to take time off for a visit.  If you find that you ever have a day free and would like to stop by our room to visit and observe, please let me know and we can arrange it.

 Next week we will be doing some open-ended writing related to Thanksgiving.  In addition we will be making multiplication turkeys!!!!

 Please do not forget to sign up online for your December report card conference.  An email and letter was sent home about this.  If you have any difficulty scheduling your conference, please let me know.



Congratulations to……

Tal.  Tal was the Star of the Week.  We enjoyed reading his personal newspaper and viewing his photographs.  Our Star for next week will be Olivia.


Upcoming Events

-Early dismissal 12:45 PM on Wednesday November 22.

 -No School Thursday and Friday, November 23th and 24th for Thanksgiving.

-Our Word of the Week for next week will be, “comprehend.”

Have a wonderful weekend!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!



            The Students from 3B