Westmoreland Elementary School

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McKenna Alfano, Christine


Welcome to Math Intervention!

Hello, I am Christine McKenna-Alfano (Mrs. Alfano) and I am the Ancillary Math Teacher at Westmoreland! I am thrilled to begin an exciting year full of learning!

Math Intervention provides students with extra assistance in Mathematics.  Students are recommended for Math Intervention based on benchmark assessments, NJ ASK scores, report card grades, classroom performance and teacher recommendation.

During Math Intervention, concepts are reinforced in a step-by-step approach in order to strengthen any areas that a student is having difficulty with. Extra support is provided with the basic concepts and skills that students need in order to be successful math learners. Everyday Math and other computer games are utilized to help students build their skills. 

I will provide support to students in various ways.  I “push-in” to classrooms and work with students while their classroom teacher is teaching Math. In this way I am able to “coach” them through any areas of difficulty and assist them as needed. I also “pull” students out of their classrooms to engage in small group instruction.  During “pull-out” time I am able to re-teach and reinforce skills by providing as much individualized instruction as possible in a small group setting. “Pull-Out” time is in addition to their daily math instruction.

The classroom teachers and I continuously discuss each student’s progress and areas of need. This collaboration guides lesson planning to ensure that each student is receiving the support that they need to succeed.

The Home-School connection is essential so please practice math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with your children. This will help to ensure your child’s success!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s math progress please feel free to contact me. I am here to help!

I am truly excited for the days ahead and look forward to working together with you to help our children succeed!


Christine McKenna-Alfano (Mrs. Alfano)
Ancillary Math Teacher-Westmoreland School