Vintage Illustration Of An Australian Grass Parakeet.jpg

Spring is here!

      What a fabulous time to feel refreshed, renewed and revitalized. Take a minute to take it all in. It's a season that tickles all the senses. Smell the new grass and the fresh rain, and the barbecues firing up. With the springing up of buds, caterpillars and baby birds, lots of descriptive words come to mind. Onomatopoeia fills the air, just listen for the birds chirping and the cheers on the baseball fields. Entice those taste buds by tasting the raindrops and biting those hot dogs fresh off the grill!  Feel the cool breezes and warm sun dancing on your skin. Spring, what a wonderful beginning to world of views. sounds, scents, tastes and feelings.

Enjoy every minute.

Mrs. Weiss