Weiss, Rachel

Vintage Illustration Of An Australian Grass Parakeet.jpg 

The Beauty of the Season

The Fall leaves are changing colors and offering us such beauty to admire.

    These fall changes inspire great description in our writing. The words are flowing in our pieces now and the stories are as intriguing as the darkening days and early nights.

    We’ve kept our thinking caps on, not to keep us warm, but to decipher the meaning of our latest quotes of the week. The quotes have been taken to heart and the students are connecting to their meaning daily.  

      Even though the roots of the fall trees are lying dormant, our roots are growing and growing. We’ve added bio, chron, cred and dict to our word detection skills. Our vocabularies are expanding right in front of our eyes.

With our focus on speaking and listening, we are becoming acutely aware of speaking properly. We’ve noticed that we are saying the word’ “like” far too often and inappropriately, and using the slang, ‘cuz’ instead of “because”. Our goal is to remedy these speaking errors.

There’s nothing like a good book to keep you warm and mesmerized on these beautiful fall evenings.

                                                               Mrs. Weiss