Class News

November News

Parents are invited to visit school on November 16th!

9:00a.m. – 11a.m. & 12:30p.m. -2:30p.m.

Math- Students will learn about ten frames, create number stories, discuss how to sort items, learn about our numbers and how to write them and play math games like Top-it and Monster Squeeze!

  • Remember you can log on to ConnectEd for further reinforcement of our math lessons!

Reader's Workshop- We will begin Unit 2 which focuses on our Reading Super Powers. Students will learn that readers have super powers and our super powers include using our fingers to point to words, using our eyes to read pictures and words, and using our brains to help us read. Students will also be reading with a partner and sitting EEK style.

Writer's Workshop- We will be working on Unit 2, in which we will look closely at our world and use what we know about letters and sounds to label and list observations.  We will write using details and labels, really looking closely! Students will go on a nature walk to find leaves that we will be looking closely at first!

Social Studies/Science- We will learn about Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, types of weather, sunlight and our five senses!