Class News

It has been so great to see the second graders learn and grow on a daily basis. I am so proud of all of their accomplishments! Below, please find a glimpse of what we are learning in second grade.

Math: Unit 7 revisits combinations of 10 and answers questions like: “What must I add to 4 to get to 10?” They extend this idea to larger numbers and answer questions like: “What must I add to 47 to get to 50?”. Children also discuss strategies for solving addition problems that have more than two addends. In later lessons in this unit, children use two length units—meters and yards—to measure longer lengths and distances and also to estimate lengths. Children also collect real-life data and display it in tables and graphs. Children collect data by measuring the lengths of their standing jumps. Then they display their data on a line plot.

Reader's Workshop: We extend our non-fiction reading skills in our reading unit; book clubs!  The students have already had a little preview on how book clubs work, and they are well on their way to creating exciting projects based on the topics they are researching.  The students are learning how to talk about their reading, thinking, and compare information learned with other members in their group.  The students are also carrying much of their research knowledge over to our writing unit, which can be found in more detail below.

Writer's Workshop:  The students have wrapped up their opinion writing pieces and are now off into the wonderful world of Expert Projects: Informational Writing.  Throughout this unit, students will study work of other non-fiction authors and will also learn how to create three captivating types of chapters: description, sequence, and comparison.  The class will also build upon skills used in past units to inform their readers including illustrations, captions, headings, labels, Table of Contents, vocabulary lists, and bold print.