Class News

It has been so great to see the second graders taking responsibility for their own learning.  Below, please find a glimpse of what we are learning in second grade.

Math- Unit 1: Establishing Routines: Students are establishing basic routines in math and will cover concepts such as using number lines, counting up by 2s, 5s, 10s; reviewing three digit whole numbers, number words, coins, number grids involving place value and number patterns; equivalent names for numbers (10 = 5+5, 20-10, ten, and tallies); Playing games to strengthen number skills and fact fluency, odd and even numbers; and greater than and less than knowledge. Students are becoming excellent mathematicians!

Reading- Unit 1: Take Charge of Reading: Students are working hard in Reader's Workshop and are learning and implementing good reading habits.  We are learning how to identify Just Right Books by using strategies such as the two finger rule, retelling, reading that sounds like talking, and getting hooked on the book!  We are also becoming responsible and respectful reading partners with one another.  The class will continue to build reading stamina and learn strategies to read with meaning.  Keep up the great work, Readers!
Writing- Unit 1: Launching in Narratives: Students are learning smart choices in Writer's Workshop. We have learned all about where we can write, what we can write about, and how writing partners can be valuable throughout our writing ventures.  We also spoke about big, strong feelings and special people that can inspire our writing pieces and we will be diving into Small Moments in no time!  These little authors have some BIG stories to share, and we cannot wait to publish and share with the world!  
Social Studies- Unit 1: Rights and Responsibilities: Students are learning how to continue to grow into responsible community members and good citizens.  The class has shown much interest in how our community operates both inside and outside of school.  They have been positive role models to all members at Westmoreland School.  Keep shining!

Spelling- Visit the Grade 2 Shared Page each week for your child's weekly spelling words once our differentiated spelling program begins.