Class News

What's going on in first grade?

Reading Workshop: The students are excited to begin our non-fiction reading unit "Just Right" book envelope will contain several non-fiction books. Raz-Kids online reading program contains a variety of texts that includes non-fiction reading.

Writing Workshop: Our new writing unit focuses All About Books!
                              The students will create an "All About Book" about their favorite animal 
or non-fiction topic.

Everyday Math
:      In this unit, students investigate place value concepts for tens and ones,
                              use place value to add 2 digit numbers, relationship symbols (greater than,
                                less than, and equal to), and explore path measure using non-standard units. 

                            Please be sure to practice the addition and subtraction flashcards sent
home in the beginning of the school year. Students are expected to
know sums within 20 by the end of the school year without using
their fingers or number grid.

                                Family Letters are sent home at the beginning of each until to give
families an overview of what will be covered, vocabulary,  and assist 
with HomeLinks. 
Remember to use your online access for games and further help with the