Class News

October Notes
Pumpkin Carving:  Monday, October 23rd at 9:30 a.m.
Parents bring one pumpkin for carving with a knife for carving.

What's going on in first grade?
Reading Workshop:  We are learning all about  "What good readers  do?" and
                                   establishing Reading Workshop routines.


Writing Workshop:  We are Writing Workshop routines and learning to use
                                 writer's tools and working on stretching out our words the best we
                                 can along with labeling our illustrations.

Everyday Math:   We are focusing on counting on the number line, comparing numbers,
                              learning about using tally counts for data collection and practicing
                              daily routines for our Math Wall.

                              Family Letters are sent home at the beginning of each until to give
                              families an overview of what will be covered, vocabulary, and assist
                              with HomeLinks.  Remember to use your online access for games
                              and further help with the program.

Social Studies: We are learning about Community Helpers, school rules, what it
                                means to be part of a community.