November News

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In the beginning of November we will be wrapping up Unit 2 and will be taking the assessment for that chapter. Unit 2 concepts are listed below.

To review for the test, please review the Unit 2 Home Links and log onto ConnectEd for activities and tutorial videos on these concepts. 

In Grade 3, we will make sense of one- and two-step number stories involving all four arithmetic operations. We will represent situations with diagrams, arrays, pictures, words and number models. We will work to improve our problem-solving strategies and further our understanding that problems can be solved in more than one way.

In Grade 4, we will explore various applications for multiplication. We will classify shapes by properties and develop formulas for finding the area of a rectangle.

In Grade 5, we will explore patterns in the base-10 place-value system and ways of representing large numbers. We will apply our understanding of place value when estimating and computing with multi-digit whole numbers. We will be introduced to U.S. traditional multiplication and review partial-quotients division.

Have a great November!
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