January News

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Happy 2018!!
Take a look below to see what we are learning
during the month of January...

In Grade 3, we will learn to measure to the nearest half inch. We will generate measurement data and represent it on a scaled line plot. We will explore geometric attributes of polygons and classify quadrilaterals into categories based on their attributes. We will identify and measure the perimeters of polygons and distinguish between perimeter and area. We will develop multiple strategies to determine the areas of rectangles and extend those ideas to determine the areas of rectilinear shapes.

In Grade 4, we will be introduced to the basic principles of multi-digit multiplication by focusing on extending multiplication skills and exploring the partial-products method. We will use our knowledge of multiplication to find the areas of rectangles and to convert units of measurement.

In Grade 5, we will extend our understanding of the base-10 place-value system to include decimals. We will read, write and represent decimals through thousandths in a variety of ways and learn strategies to compare, order and round decimals. We will be introduced to the first quadrant of the coordinate grid. We will apply whole-number algorithms to add and subtract decimals.

Have a great month!
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