April News

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Take a look below to see what we are learning
during the month of April. Happy Earth Day!

In Grade 2, we will explore 2- and 3-dimensional shapes and their attributes. We will partition rectangles into rows and columns of same-size squares. We will explore strategies for determining the total number of objects in equal groups and rectangular arrays. 

In Grade 3, we will revisit volume measurement and focus on comparing, estimating and then measuring liquid volumes. We will continue to develop an understanding of fractions as numbers by exploring a new area fraction model and fractions as representations of distances on number lines.

In Grade 4, we will formalize our understanding of multiplying a fraction by a whole number and use this knowledge to solve problems in real-world scenarios.

In Grade 5, we will  extend whole-number methods to multiply and divide decimals. We will learn two methods for multiplying mixed numbers. We will then use these methods to find the areas of rectangles with fractional side lengths and to solve problems involving fractional data in line plots. We will also review attributes of 2-dimensional figures and classify shapes in a hierarchy based on properties. Lastly, we will graph points on coordinate grids to visualize numerical patterns and represent real-world problems.

Have a great month!
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